You're a kid once, but immaturity lasts forever. - Unknown
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PostSubject: Yakudou   Yakudou EmptySun Apr 05, 2009 4:07 pm

First Name:Yakudou

Middle Name:none

Last Name:Shonbori


Crush?:Not any more

Short Bio:Before his powers were truly unleashed had the ability to make people drowsy around him which made him very unpopular.He always thought that he was just dull and boring.But there was one person who dint mind Sloths "Dullness".And they quickly became best friends.Years after they became best friends sloth developed feelings for her and he never told her.He was always down on himself but recently hes been more lively.But that liveliness came from all the students around him.Soon people began sleeping in all the classes he was in.He finally told her his feelings and she became speechless.So he thought it was a bad vibe.He quickly blushed and turned to walk away but she grabbed him and pulled him to her for a kiss and they kissed.His power of draining of energy expanded to most of the school and people began to fall asleep.Some even went into a coma,including the girl.It only lasted for a few seconds but everyone in its way fell asleep.Ever since then hes been in hiding as a psychic vampire with little control over his abilities.



Vampire?:Yes(Psychic Vampire)


Secrets:He doesn't tell anybody about that girl he put in a coma for life.And he doesn't tell many hes a psychic vampire although its very easy to find out.

Normal Pic:Yakudou 1-14

Additional Info


Personality: Hes apathetic to allot of things unless his aura is weak.When his aura is weak and hes been stealing allot of energy his apathy toward everything decreases
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PostSubject: Re: Yakudou   Yakudou EmptySun Apr 05, 2009 4:32 pm

1. Unless your middle name is literally "none" get one.
2. no powers.
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